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If there is one secret to success, it is the ability to take someone else’s point of view and see from that perspective as easily as one’s own. Henry Ford

Activlab Pharma stands for dietary supplements, medical devices and food for special medical purposes. The company has been building its experience in the Polish and international markets for almost 10 years, and our portfolio was born out of consumer needs and thorough market analysis.

The Activlab Pharma R&D team, relying on high-quality ingredients, creates products with an innovative profile. Activlab Pharma products, meeting the EU nutrition law, are based on raw materials from reputable international suppliers with whom the company has been working for years.

To confirm the quality of our products, tests are carried out in a modern microbiological laboratory, sensory analysis is carried out, and each batch of raw materials is strictly checked by the Quality Control department. However, what primarily determines the safety of our products is the verification of the content of active substances in external laboratories, which we commission for each batch of product.

This procedure gives us and our customers confidence in the quality of our products.

Having state-of-the-art research and development centers and fully automated production gives us a mandate to be a worthy competitor to other players in the industry, and above all a partner and support for patients. We are founded on the premise, following Henry Ford’s motto, that it is from human need that the most valuable thing is born – a tailor-made product.

Activlab pharma

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