Dr. Anna-Maria Borucka-Konopka, PhD

Nutritionist, university teacher


Anna-Maria Borucka-Konopka

Dr. Anna-Maria Borucka-Konopka, PhD, nutritionist, university teacher, graduate of the Warsaw Medical University in Dietetics. She specializes in dietary treatment of overweight and obesity, which she supports with her workshop in psychodietetics. She was the first dietitian in Poland to develop dietary recommendations for patients after endoscopic gastroplasty of the stomach.

In her work, the most important things for her are the logistics of implementing nutritional changes, the patient’s sense of security and their smile after each visit to the hospital and the office.

During her years of practice, she has completed numerous academic internships including one at King’s College Hospital in the Paediatric Liver, GI and Nutrition Unit in London. Currently, since 2017, she has been working with the SOWMED team and the F. Raszei City Hospital in Poznan.

Privately, she is a lover of sailing and good crime fiction.