Dr. Krzysztof Majdylo

„Mitochondrial medicine as prevention of chronic diseases – postcovid syndrome”

„Repair your mitochondria and ensure a long life of health”

Krzysztof Majdylo

Speech topics by Dr. Krzysztof Majdylo (St. Luke’s Medical Center):

  • Mitochondrial medicine as prevention of chronic diseases – postcovid syndrome (Friday, 3:00 pm)
  • Repair your mitochondria and ensure a long life of health (Saturday, 12:00 pm)

A few words about the speaker

Dr. Krzysztof Majdylo graduated from the Medical Academy of Gdansk. He worked as a doctor and a member of the management team at several medical institutions. Based on these experiences, he created his own proprietary program called St. Luke’s Medical Center in Gdansk. It is a unique medical facility with an international character, which aims to find solutions according to a personalized approach to patients. It is a place characterized by a holistic view of each patient. St. Luke’s Medical Center in Gdansk treats chronic diseases such as autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, inflammatory diseases, tick-borne infections, chronic fatigue syndromes. The facility also provides supportive therapies for oncological diseases.

In his daily practice with his medical team, Dr. Krzysztof Majdylo focuses on mitochondrial medicine, orthomolecular medicine, diagnosis and treatment of the human gut microbiome. He describes his approach to medicine as integrative medicine, that is, medicine that combines current medical standards with modern scientific discoveries to help his patients as much as possible. A personalized approach is important to him, which is why he very often uses gene polymorphism testing in his practice so that he can apply differentiated therapies, selected individually for each case.

Dr. Majdylo is most interested in preventing disease through getting ahead of certain phenomena concerning our health. He believes that modern medicine is facing a major paradigm shift from “disease management” to “health management.” According to him, this revolution will be based on a personalized approach that will pay attention to gene polymorphism, will be turned to mitochondrial medicine and the gut microbiome. He is committed to being able to extend the lives of his patients in optimal health.