Dr. Michal Domaszewski

“I had COVID-19 …how should I check my health?”

Michał Domaszewski

“I had COVID-19 …how should I check my health?”
This is the topic of Dr. Michal Domaszewski’s speech, who, based on numerous stories of his patients and current guidelines, will try to answer this very important question affecting many Poles.

Dr. Michal is a doctor whom you can watch on numerous TV programs, such as the Question for Breakfast on TVP, the “36.6” program on TVN and others. The doctor regularly shares his knowledge and actively maintains social media channels.

Here are a few facts about the speaker.
Personal education:

  • Graduate of the Medical University of Lodz
  • 2019 r. – Specialist diploma in Family Medicine

Professional experience:

  • Specialization in the Independent Public Central Clinical Hospital at 1 Banacha Street in Warsaw.
  • Work in outpatient clinics of Family Medicine
  • Working as a physician “investigator” in clinical drug trials
  • Conducting health coaching in the form of trainings entitled “Health at Work. “Health at Work”

Detailed information about the doctor at: https://www.doktormichal.com/