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Powisle University is a university with more than 20 years of experience. We specialize in the education of medical personnel, every year our walls leave graduates educated at the highest level in the fields of: Nursing I and II degree, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Cosmetology, Dietetics, as well as Economics. We are known for our exceptional approach to students and involvement in pro-social actions.

The university also offers a range of other educational services such as courses, postgraduate studies, and MBA classical and medical ones. We work to make our environment better, to make the public aware of the importance of medical faculties and how important it is that we fight together for a better, healthier tomorrow!

What’s going to happen:

During 2 special days at “Curatio – International Medical Tourism and Preventive Health Fair” on 23.09 and 24.09 you will be able to find us at our booth, where we offer:

  • Professional Nursing advice on health conditions
  • Spirometry- respiratory capacity testing
  • Sugar measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Surprises for brave patients
  • First Aid lessons, conducted by our qualified paramedics

In addition, on 24.09, you will have the opportunity to see us on the main stage of the event, where our Rescuers will present a professional demonstration of rescue skills. Of course, at the booth you will have the opportunity to learn about our educational offerings, and our staff will answer all your questions. If you are lucky, you will be led to our booth by our mascot, Mr. Owl. We are here for you and we will see you there!

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