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Radom Oncology Center named after the Heroes of Radom June ’76 is a modern facility based on two pillars: people and technology.

The hospital is recognized on the oncological map of Poland. At the European level, all the most common cancers are treated here, including breast, gastrointestinal tract, head and neck, urinary tract and prostate, reproductive organs and lungs.

The Radom Oncology Center has patient-appreciated radiation therapy departments with a highly specialized brachytherapy, chemotherapy and oncology surgery laboratory. Highly qualified staff and modern equipment enable full diagnostics and combined treatment of cancer patients. The facility is internationally certified as a Breast Cancer Unit, guaranteeing comprehensive treatment of breast cancer. A full range of oncologic surgery is performed, and cancers of the esophagus, stomach and pancreas, melanoma and liver tumors are treated here. We also specialize in the treatment of colorectal cancer, performing many surgeries using the minimally invasive laparoscopic method.

Radiation therapy patients who do not require hospitalization can live free of charge in an intimate hotel during treatment. They are provided with all-day meals and transportation to the facility for their radiation sessions. This is an important convenience for patients from further regions of Poland.

The patients are guaranteed quick diagnostics and modern treatment. As the first oncology facility in Poland, we use artificial intelligence in MRI examinations, which allows us to speed up the examination time and is more comfortable for the patient. We perform a full range of imaging studies including PET scans. We have a modern laboratory diagnostic base with the possibility of genetic testing.

Radom Oncology Center is bound by a partnership with Brzeziny Specialist Hospital and Gamma Knife Center Warsaw. As a result, our patients can count on comprehensive treatment of many diseases, including brain tumors and some non-cancerous diseases using the gamma knife.

Patients are treated under contract with the National Health Fund and also commercially.

Radomskie Centrum Onkologii

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