Why exhibit at CURATIO?

What interest you the most – visitors
Are they coming? YES!

Who is coming?

  • Patients seeking information about available medical treatment options in Poland and abroad
  • People interested in aesthetic medicine services
  • People looking for obesity treatments
  • People interested in post COVID-19 rehabilitation
  • People interested in aesthetic medicine
  • People looking for ophthalmology services and information on methods of treating vision defects
  • People looking for dental care
  • People looking for fertility treatments
  • People interested in beauty and wellness services
  • People looking for information about nursing homes
  • Doctors and medical staff
  • Owners and management of clinics and doctor offices
  • Travel agencies
Become an Exhibitor

Exhibit at CURATIO

Become an Exhibitor
  • Insurance companies
  • Dentists
  • Dental hygienists & assistants
  • Medical managers
  • Pharmacists
  • Medical students
  • Health care professionals

How will we reach them and make them interested in visiting the CURATIO? Through marketing activities and partnership with one of the largest marketing agencies specializing in medical industry, which will help us reach exactly this target group.

Become an Exhibitor