mgr Agnieszka Węgiel

Psychology of weight loss


Agnieszka Wegiel
Agnieszka Węgiel, psychologist. She is passionate about psychology of weight loss and nutrition.

Graduate of psychology at SWPS University and workshops and trainings on working with people with excessive body weight: Psychotherapy of people eating too much, Understanding and psychotherapy of people with eating disorders, Running Support Groups.

She has completed a certification workshop for The American Association of Bariatric Counselors, a society that educates professionals who provide short and long-term support to bariatric patients.

Certified trainer, coach, and therapist. She works in the ACT therapy stream and uses provocative methods, Transactional Analysis, and Rational Behavioral Therapy.

Works with individuals who are struggling with weight issues and patients suffering from obesity. She works with patients in the pre- and post-operative period supporting them at every stage of obesity treatment.

She runs support groups for people suffering from obesity, and during psycho-educational workshops she shows how diet culture builds up a diet history, and how this in turn makes it impossible to stay slim permanently. Indeed, the influence of psychological aspects on weight gain seems obvious. Emotions, stress, beliefs, expectations, and motivation are just some of the areas of work with a psychologist who treats obesity.

She works with the bariatric team at the L. Rydygier Hospital in Krakow.

Author of the psychodietetic guide, online courses, and stationary workshops.