Wiesław Tarnowski

Prof. Wieslaw Tarnowski, MD

“Bariatric patient in primary care physician’s office”

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Piotr Major

Prof. Piotr Major, MD

“Why is the surgical treatment of obesity a good idea?”

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Tomasz Szewczyk

Tomasz Szewczyk, MD

“Is CHLO an easy way out obesity?”

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Maria Brzegowy

Maria Brzegowy, M.Sc.

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Agnieszka Węgiel

mgr Agnieszka Węgiel

“Psychology of weight loss”

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Anna-Maria Borucka-Konopka

Dr. Anna-Maria Borucka-Konopka, PhD

Nutritionist, university teacher

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Michał Domaszewski

Dr. Michal Domaszewski

“I had COVID-19 …how should I check my health?”

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Krzysztof Majdylo

Dr. Krzysztof Majdylo

“Mitochondrial medicine as prevention of chronic diseases – postcovid syndrome”

“Repair your mitochondria and ensure a long life of health”

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Przemyslaw Malich

Przemyslaw Malich, M.A.

“Covid-19 from the physical therapist point of view – patient, symptomps and possibilieties of recovery”

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Ewa Dygaszewicz

Ewa Dygaszewicz

“Patient with obesity and diabetes type 2”

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Natalia Szablowska

Natalia Szabłowska

“Recruitment of doctors from outside the European Union – facts and myths”

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Magdalena Malecka

Magdalena Małecka

“What will medical recruitment look like in 2023?”

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Michal Sokol

Michał Sokół

“The use of modern technology in neurological rehabilitation”

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Jerzy Magiera

Mgr Jerzy Magiera, M.D.

“Diabetes sweet only in name”

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