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DONUM CORDE care and rehabilitation center is a place dedicated to patients with neurological, orthopedic, cardiac, geriatric and pulmonary conditions. The forest surroundings provide peace and tranquility conducive to recovery, while the center’s modern facilities guarantee a stay in comfortable conditions. Donum Corde Rehabilitation Center, as one of the few places in Poland, has a wide range of innovative equipment to support the rehabilitation of patients.

The specificity and planning of comprehensive rehabilitation requires a skillful selection of the means available to modern rehabilitation. The process of patient rehabilitation begins with early implementation of individual therapy. The goal of adult rehabilitation at Donum Corde is to restore fitness that has been lost because of illness, injury, or accident, as well as surgery. We specialize in neurological, orthopedic, cardiac, and pulmonary rehabilitation. Patient rehabilitation is supported by modern technologies such as Vibramoov pro and physio, Robogait, Exoskeleton, Indiba Activ, Pablo Tyrostation, Zebris Treadmill and Platfroma Alpha and Galilleo, QEEG and brain micropolarization. We help patients after strokes, craniocerebral trauma, spinal cord injury, with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, polyneuropathies, cerebral palsy, peripheral nerve damage, as well as conditions after orthopedic surgery, and after COVID-19. DONUM CORDE Center provides 24-hour medical care in the form of nurses, paramedics, and medical caregivers with a doctor on duty to ensure the continuation of the patient’s treatment. Patient support in terms of neurologist, psychologist or occupational therapist is also possible. And with the cooperation of doctors, consultations of specialists in the center are implemented, as well as cooperation with the primary care physician. The Patient is cared for in a comprehensive and individual way, which gives a holistic effect during the process of rehabilitation and continuation of treatment.

During their stay, our patients are provided with comfortable, air-conditioned single or double rooms with bathrooms and access to a balcony or terrace adapted for the disabled.

In addition to individual rehabilitation with a physiotherapist, patients also have access to a spa area and swimming pool. We also provide therapeutic massages and treatments to support the healing process with electrotherapy and physical therapy. The individual approach to each person and the high quality of services help translate into high efficiency of the treatments performed, so that patients have a chance for a partial or even complete return to fitness and health.

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