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Another exhibitor at Curatio is SOWMED Ltd. – Sowmed Non-public Health Care Facility. The company was created by Dr. Aleksander Sover, M.D., and has been thriving in the medical services market for many years, providing professional care to surgical patients.

The Sowmed team consists of about 30 doctors, including specialists in general surgery (who also deal with diagnostic and surgical endoscopy), oncological surgery, gastroenterology, radiology and orthopedics.

Since 2011, SOWMED has focused particular attention on providing health services to the Surgical Department, Surgical Outpatient Clinic and Endoscopy Laboratory of the Francis Raszewski Municipal Hospital. Municipal Hospital named after Franciszek Raszei in Poznan.

In September 2017, the SOWMED team performed the first in Poland endoscopic gastroplasty surgery using the transoral method. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (from endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty) is one of the of the new methods of combating obesity.

Its undoubted advantages are its less invasiveness, the lack of need for incision of the abdominal shells abdominal cavity and opening of the peritoneal cavity, and consequently faster recovery and reduced risk of complications. reduced risk of complications.

As of 2018, these procedures have been performed systematically at the Municipal Hospital named after the late Franciszek Raszei. Franciszka Raszei in Poznań as part of the Commercial Diagnostic and Procedures. More than 200 gastric reduction procedures have already been performed ESG method.

The doctor performing ESG procedures is a specialist in general surgery, having many years of experience in diagnostic and surgical endoscopy, as well as in minimally invasive surgery, whose main focus is on treatment of obesity and gastrointestinal diseases using minimally invasive endoscopic techniques.


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